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Hi! I'm Sonja


Yoga teacher, health enthusiast & adventurer at heart 

Welcome to Ezsence! .. the place where you can experience yourself. 

I am a passionate yoga teacher, ritual, cocoa ceremony and retreat leader and I teach regular yoga sessions in German and English. 

My yoga journey started in California, where I lived and worked for several years. 

The connection to myself and the world around me that I was able to experience during a yoga class made me come back to the mat day in and day out. The endless, wide and healing stillness, arriving at myself, which I learned through yoga quickly developed into a passion that I wanted to share with the world.

For me, new challenges and life-long learning are part of a healthy well-being and a strong mind, which is why I travel to new countries several times a year, educate myself in mindfulness and different yoga directions. 

I have already been able to teach in yoga centers in North and Central America, Bali, South Africa and Portugal and regularly lead national and international yoga and mindfulness retreats and workshops at international festivals. 

Explore Mindfulness 
With me

Yoga sessions

My yoga classes are inspired by different traditions and styles. Each unit is something very special and is tailored to the dynamics of the group and the current time.  In addition to the asanas (physical exercises), appropriate music is just as important as pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. ​

Vinyasa Flow

In the dynamic flow units we move fluently with the rhythm of breathing. After warming up, we move one breath per movement and hold asanas (exercises) for a maximum of 5 breaths. We strengthen and stretch our muscles and through the movement we find a meditative state of stillness. The final relaxation Savasana should not be missing here to round off the unit.

Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a passive, calm and meditative style of yoga. Asanas (exercises) in Yin Yoga are usually held for 3-12 minutes to stimulate the fascia, muscles and ligaments through slight stretching and to ensure a free flow of energy in the body. Yin Yoga helps with tension and creates more freedom of movement and supple joints. By holding the positions for a long time, the mind finds rest and you get into a meditative state of "being" through different reflection approaches.

Retreat With Me 

Yoga retreat breaks are yoga trips of 2-7 days and take place several times a year at different locations in Austria and  international. They are suitable for all levels who would like to delve deeper into their yoga practice, spend time with a dynamic group and explore new places. 

Many solo travelers but also couples and groups come to the retreats and the group dynamic is always something very special and unique. 

Each retreat that I lead is assigned a theme that is coordinated at the place of power that we visit. 

We practice yoga, meditation and pranayama twice a day, in between there is time for you or you can join the group for joint activities.  

A balanced and healthy diet during the retreat time is particularly important to me, vegetarian organic food completes the offer.

Reiki treatments

Reiki (universal life energy) is an energetic treatment that originated in Japan. The energy centers (meridians) in the body are stimulated by lightly laying on hands in order to invigorate the body and mind.  Thus energetic, mental but also physical blockages are released and the self-healing process is activated, so that life energy (also known as chi) can flow freely again. ​

Reiki relieves anxiety and stress, helps with insomnia, fatigue and helps with illness, physical and mental problems. 

For distance treatments or treatments during a retreat, please contact us by email.

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