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Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals and routines give you security and calm your nervous system. They can help you to dive deeper into your subconscious, from where you can recognize blockages and release them with practices that are uniquely designed for you.

Do you feel restless, you don´t know your purpose, have fears inside of you or would you like to get to know your internal landscape better? 

Write me for your personal or partner ritual. 

You can find weekly moon and sun rituals and cacao ceremonies on my IG page. 

I offer cacao ceremonies for private groups and retreats. I am happy to create a experience uniquely designed for you. 

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Cocoa Ceremonies

Cocoa is love.

We see the plant and soul of cacao as medicine that nourishes our soul, expands our mind and connects our own heart to the heartbeat of life itself. 

Mother Cocoa invites us to see that we are part of the earth, nature, the stars and the cosmos. - Both in relation to the human and the spiritual world.

Cocoa empties us of the sacredness of opposites.

Taking and giving in gratitude, the light in the dark.

The Maternal care and structured strength of the Father, all embodied within ourselves. 

Would you like to experience the healing, gentle soul of cocoa, open your heart to new things and strengthen your connection to yourself?

In 1-1 individual coachingyou will learn about the history and soul of cacao, physical and spiritual benefits of this wonder plant, how to harness its benefits for yourself and how to create personal and group ceremonies. 

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